Combining Millions Of Experiences To Help You Find Out Who Called.

We created this site to be a free alternative to the various paid people search and phone look up services. Fed up with free trials and monthly memberships - but noticing an enthusiasm among the internet community to share information - we decided to help by building a platform for people to report nuisance callers in a community format.

We launched CommunityCallerID in February 2015, and it's been growing in popularity ever since. We look forward to creating a wonderful shared online resource!

-The CommunityCallerID Team

Please don't hesitate to contact us to report spam, give feedback, or have questions about the site.

How The Site Works

This site aggregates two forms of data - statistics about a given phone number, and user generated comments.

Statistics are designed to help you quickly determine whether you're the only person receiving calls from a particular number, and whether your experiences fall in line with everyone else's. For instance, if you missed a call from a number which 99% of visitors have reported as a robodialler, it's probably not worth calling back! In order to view the statistics for a number, you need to add your own feedback by clicking one of the large green buttons on the phone number page.

In addition, we also allow visitors to leave comments in order to provide additional details about a particular caller. Please leave as much helpful information as you can - since this information becomes extremely useful to future visitors!

Latest News & Features

10 APR

We've released a new page highlighting some of the biggest scams we see each month. We'll continue to enhance it over the coming months, and our long term goal is to help generate awareness about the most recent phone scams. Check it out here.


We've enhanced the Latest Activity widget on our landing pages by adding relevant user comments too!

11 OCT

We've added a handy new "Latest Activity" widget to our landing pages - helping you see at a glance which numbers have been active recently without having to search for them.


You're enjoying our new and improved about page.


We've collected almost 2 Million crowdsourced datapoints! Keep 'em coming!

29 SEP

We've released our new and improved landing pages - with the goal of making it easier for users to find CommunityCallerID.

15 JUL

We've improved our comments system by switching to Google's more user-friendly ReCaptcha system.


An important privacy update today - you can now request to have your number removed from the site by simply contacting us. Remember to let us know which number you're talking about!

10 APR

Added the ability to report comments.

14 MAR

Mobile visitors will see some small readability improvements to our results page. ;-)

25 JAN

Happy New Year!. It's been a busy January over here - we've released a bunch of fantastic new features. Under the hood we performed a much needed server and architecture upgrade. In addition, we've secured a new data provider and upgraded our data across the whole site. Finally, we've made some privacy enhancements, permitting users to report comments more effectively, and protect their privacy.
Look out for more enhancements soon!


This week we've made some enhancements to the community reports, most notably Recent Activity labels. These are designed to help you understand whether a high quantity of call activity has originated from a particular number in the last few days. Sudden increases in call activity are often a sign of scam activity. In addition to Recent Activity labels, we've also added dates to the reports so you can see when they were last refreshed.
Look out for more new features coming soon, including significant database enhancements.


We've processed and are now displaying almost 50,000 datapoints and 13,000 comments for our listed numbers, with more information streaming in every day! We wanted to thank the community for helping to turn this site into such a valuable shared resource!

18 MAR

We've added a new feature to allow you to report nuisance callers and scammers directly to the FTC. We see this as the beginning of a potentially deeper integration - so watch this space!


We're very excited to announce that we've obtained access to a high quality database of 13,000 known nuisance callers and spammers! We've added notes to the respective numbers indicating that they've been flagged as such. Although we trust the quality of the data, please do let us know if we've wrongly identified a number as spammy.
We look forward to bringing you a number of other new features in the coming months!

FEB 2015

CommunityCallerID Launches!